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Simply put it is the action of waking someone who is asleep in a moving vehicle. It could be a car, a train or even an aeroplane - it doesn’t matter! The deeper the sleep, the more effective the 'Jenksing'! See below for a more detailed dictionary definition.

jenks ( jënks)
v. jenks'd, jenks·ing, jenks'
To strike with sudden fear whilst asleep in a moving vehicle; alarm: to jenks someone.
To become frightened: a deep sleeping person normally jenks' easily.
1. A condition or sensation of sudden fear on waking.
2. A general and instant state of alarm; a panic: that left him well and truly jenks'd!
Intention to frighten people: lets jenks him!
v. jenks·ing
The practice of waking someone in a moving vehicle.
v. jenks'd
The past form of jenks: you've been jenks'd!
A passenger in a car quietly asleep on the back seat is woken abruptly by the other passengers by screaming and slamming on the brakes to induce an abrupt wake up call to the unsuspecting victim. Hopefully the victim will give a hilarious reaction to this apparent impending crash which should be filmed and distributed to the world. This is the art of Jenksing somebody.
by Garymugg September 09, 2012
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