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Jeniscia is the life of the party, at least when she wants to be. She can be a bit shy sometimes but as soon you get to know her, she's the best person to hang out with! Jeniscia is kind, hilarious, smart, loud (well, when she's with her friends), quirky, sarcastic, and beautiful. Her features make her stand out. Guys think she's stunning and her personality is just a MAJOR bonus! She loves to help people and make people smile or laugh. Her style is ON POINT and loves fashion! Jeniscia is a very creative person also. She can be lazy sometimes, but who isn't? Jeniscia loves to surround herself with fun and real people. She may not have the biggest circle of friends but all she cares about is being around people she can trust. Lastly, the girl is a very loving person. She has bad habits of saying no because she doesn't want to hurt peoples feelings and she is always there to listen to peoples problems. Oh and one last thing: SHE LOVES FOOD. So when you become friends with a Jeniscia, make sure not to let her go because it'll be a huge mistake.
"Dude, that new girl Jeniscia is AWESOME!"
by Allayna2204 July 07, 2018
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