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One who is easily excitable and filled with immense hyper capacities. A jenbob is constantly bouncing around life with a smile on their face and it kinda makes you want to slap that smile off sometimes. A mootch; someone who comes over and once fed, keeps coming back. Cute, but kinda silly sometimes, a jenbob doesn't make a very good pet. Beware of the jenbob. For they attack randomly. It may be an attempt to beat you up, or to push you off of your bike into incoming traffic. It'll be so random you won't see it coming until it hits you. A jenbob also partakes in random acts of shenanigans anywhere and anytime. Either way, Jenbob is still awesome! <3
Bob: "WTF is that Jenbob doing over there?"
Jim: "Beats the hell out of me, but it sure is entertaining!"
by Jenbob X May 05, 2009
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