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noun. A infectious disease caused by the jejevirus. The disease is contagious. People with low IQ's and have poor skills in spelling are the most susceptible group. This disease is already endemic in some social networks such as friendster. The disease currently spreading to other social networks such as Facebook. Unless stopped, this disease will attain the status of Social Network Pandemic. People with the disease are called jejemons.

Symptoms include:

1.) Excessive use of Sticky Caps
2.) Replacement of H by J to denote laughter such as jeje and jaja
3.) Spelling which is hard to comprehend

WARNING: When the disease is already at later stages, victims tend to become posers.

Cure: Dictionary

Always remember: Prevention is always better than cure. Stay away from jejemons to avoid acquiring of disease.
hoLY shIt p0wh. mEron na AQnG jEJemItis. jeje
by jejebuster April 17, 2010
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