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Jeilanny is one of the most caring, loveable, and beautiful girls you could possibly know. She is very forgiving but understand limits. Jeilanny’s are the best friends you can have, they are always there for you. You want to keep them in your life’s. She deserves to be happy and treated with respect. Jeilanny’s don’t think highly of themselves, they have to be reminded of how beautiful and loving and how good their talents are. They are so perfect that a lot of people feel envy of them because they seem so perfect. You want to keep them in your life because they are one of a kind. Every other name is a name but this name is something special. This name you will hear once in a lifetime and if you do stay very close to Jeilanny . She is a goodluck charm and a friendship with her is one of the best. She is an beautiful angel sent from above!
My friends name is Jeilanny. She brightens my day with her loving soul.
by Im2raw34 January 31, 2018
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