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Also reffered to as "Jihad Jeep" -- a cheap method of racking-up kills in Battlefield 2 (and Battlefield: Vietnam) at the expendure of your own life (usually). It happens by a person attaching rediculous amounts of c4 onto a jeep or other fast mover and drives it into a crowd of people or vehicles, jumping out and detonating (as you cannot detonate while inside)

Also, historically: Before the more recent patches in Battlefield 1942, back in the day, the Willies Jeep or Kubelwagen were extremely fast and prone to detonation as if it so much as colided with a pebble in the road. Cashing it at full speed into another vehicle (usually a tank) would more than likely destory it. (sometimes a person could jump out if timing was right). THen they implemented e-breaks.
Admin! Crzy_noob2024 is Jeep Jihading us! Statpadder! statpadder!
by Yonsen November 29, 2005
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