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Jeanfranco is the funniest person u will ever knoe. He is a risk taker and likes to have fun. He has a short temper and will snap on you fast. He is the cutest and sweetest boii u will ever meet. He is also determined, if he like u he will stop at nothing till he has you. If he says he loves you he really loves you
Jeanfranco is my bestfriend
by jeanfranco March 26, 2016
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He is the worlds hottest guy. The world wouldn't be the same without a Jean Franco in your life. He is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. He is a very charming and strong. Jean Franco is a very good advisor and he can help you with anything. Be more like Jean Franco.
WOW! What a nice Jean Franco
by 12343455 November 09, 2017
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