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A formula 1 driver from Switzerland, the last one until Sebastien Buemi. Drove for Pacific and Larousse, and he scored zero championship points in his career.

In 1994, he drove one race for Larousse. He replaced Erik Comas and drove for the Australian Grand Prix. He qualified 25th, but after 57 laps, his gearbox failed, and he retired, 10 laps down.

In 1995, he drove for Pacific, and in his first race, he retired with a cramp in his arm. In the second race, he actually finished, although he was 7 laps behind and finished 15th, which was last of the field.

He has been chosen as one of the worst Formula One drivers ever to compete, and being a pay driver, he was never given much chance as he had very little driving ability and could only race for small, financially strapped teams.
"Jean-Denis Deletraz... you heard of him?"
"Oh, that really bad Formula one driver from the 90's?"

"Yes Délétraz, really, here having no business in Formula One. And demonstrating it there: he's spending all of his modest effort, frankly, keeping the car on the road... This is, I'm afraid, one of the problems of the Grand Prix season - at the end of the year we do get one or two drivers being taken by people who've got more money than talent, and that's one example of it."
by BrawnFan! May 22, 2009
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