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a very sweet guy. Loyal & Faithful, a handsome one. He is a hard working guy, who loves to support his family. A person who loves his best friend very much and loves him too in return. You can never find someone like him. If you ever have him, don't ever let him go.
by pseudonymgal September 09, 2013
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The definition of aids. he is a complete mouth breather, and is practically swallowing his mic when he talks. Looks like general akbar and sounds like him too. This kid can't even pronounce the "th" in the words "the", and it ends up coming out as "da". Jayvee has a napoleon complex, and thinks he's great at everything. will brag about his rank on league to his friends, when he is just carried by other people. Extremely shady person, that will shit talk behind your back. Huge hypocrite, and is too loud. No one really likes him, and would rather have ebola instead. Needs a lot of prayers
Oh gosh, here comes jayvee.

Oh, there's Jayvee creeping in the call again. smh
by PinoyXero October 20, 2016
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