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Nigga Fuel nigguh-fyu-ell - Some type of food that keeps a nigga going.

For example: Fried chicken nuggets/ wings: food that all black people love and chicken gives them a lot of energy.
Daquan: Hey man, why you so energized today?

Sean: Man, I had some good Nigga Fuel last night. Gave me so much energy, that I'm ready to smash the shit out of 10 Strip-Club bitches.

Daquan: Man, I'm glad you got all dat energy, cause we 'bout to smash Cardi B. today, right? We finna have a threesome!

Types of food that could be considered Nigga Fuel, certified by niggacians: Doritos, Collard Greens, Chicken nuggets, BlackEyedPeas, Eggs, Bacon, Grits, Sausage, Hennesey, Pure Dog Shit, etc. Basically anything fallen on the ground or found in a dustbin.
Jaydon Price is a black man as shown.
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by It'sYaBoiDJD April 21, 2017
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