When someone who’s name starts with j starts being a dickhead
Euan:”Jake is such a jay boy
Amber:” I’ve heard he’s king jay boy”
by John.jayboy June 29, 2022
A very Big and very blind boi although he is a complete douchebag, jai is nothing else he is just a douchebag, he is an avid fan of nickleback and has one tiny testical(the size of a rasin) and one large testical(about bowling ball size)
Jai goes through many stages of hair ranging from... That one uncle you can't hang around with - litterely any 80s punk. Jai has amazing friends but no personality and his teeth resemble the warerabbit from wollace and gromit
His legs resemble tree trunks (a thick oak log)

Thank you for listening to my Ted talk
Your nan looks like a real Jai-boy today
by LilMassiveMan October 10, 2019
Ruel Is Such A Jay Boi He Tried To Fish For Dolphins
by Aikeneezy September 27, 2007