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Small but yet with a horrible and fat future. Has chunky features and does not know how to treat girls and guys. Has no friends and is most likely named by asian parents. Has small penis and a small heart. Most likely has bigger boobs than your mom. Can not succeed in ANYTHING! Squinty eyes. Favorite sport of all time is baseball! This gender for this name is mostly females who look like men. The typical girl that would go out with these bitches is girls that start with the letter K. Is in to ugly women. These jaxinas are one of a kind only.
Person A: Kevin!?!?!!?!?! Is that yo girlfriend? She's fucking ugly!
Person B: Hell to the fucking ya! I love her so much!
Person A: Why do you date JAXINAS????

"I love baseball it's my whole fucking life"

A: Oh damn look at that chic go!
B:Hey Jaxina!
A:Oh wait! Damn my bad y-y-your a guy
B: :O
by MeeBooHateYoo June 17, 2011
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