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1. A point of intensity of emotional excitement when eating.

2. When something tastes so good it is bordering on orgasmic.

3. The moment of most intense pleasure during a meal.


1. Jawgasmic

2. Jawgastic


1. Ejawculation
Example - Noun
Guy 1: 'You gotta try this super manly soufflé i just made'
Guy 2: *Eats a spoonful* 'I think i just had a jawgasm'

Example - Adjective 1
Chick: 'That ham and pickle sandwich was jawgasmic'

Example - Adjective 2
Mother: 'I haven't eaten anything that jawgastic since the 70's'
Daughter: 'Eww'
by MorbidPig February 16, 2010
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The tingling sensation and movement of the jaw upon reacting to extasy. Also refered to as 'Gurning'. It is the chewing of the lips and random motion of the mouth.
Brad: Yo Harry, you got any diddlies?
Harry: Yea man, Try one of these new bad boys.

*Half an Hour Later*

Brad: Harry they are the Shiznik.
Harry: Safe but stop with the 'Jawgasm', you guna get clocked.
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