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A term used to describe a desperate type of male who continues to message and call girls that they are interested in/borderline stalking, even though they never get a response. A Jave Smite may also try to use multiple platforms for contact all at the same time, just incase the first three social media platforms were somehow not working properly. This sometimes results in a string of frustrated messages followed by an apology then the next day the cycle starts again. Typical messages include: "hey" "you alrite" "Wuu2" "blanked" "guess ur busy then" and the ever popular "???"
Girl 1: This is the third set of missed calls and question marks today, first WhatsApp, then Facebook, now snapchat, why won't he take the hint?!

Girl 2: oh he's a right old jave smite that one, just keep on ignoring him he'll go away eventually...
by iLoVeLeOpArDpRiNt June 05, 2018
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