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Marmite. You love her or you hate her. Javana is loud, mad, loyal, exciteable, 'in your face', charismatic, confident and simply bizzare. Some find her arrogant, some think that she is simply confident. Depending on the tone of voice used Javana can mean almost anything. A Javana is usually 'ghettofabulous' with BIG hoop earings and 'gold' chains.
*Talking to a bunch of random strangers in the pub when there is absolouteley no occcasion to celebrate.*

"Drinks on me everyone!"

"Awwwwww!!! You're such a Javana,"

"Does this dress look good on me. I don't think it does???"

*Telling the truth because the dress is hideous*

"Naaaa!!!! That dress makes you look really fat. It makes you look preggerz"

*Angrily* "Don't be such a Javana!"
by qawzsexdrcftvgybhunji October 05, 2011
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