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The name for the creatures who use irc java chat. They come and start randomily ranting or cussing about 'sex0rzsff' 'pokemoins' or even 'havck0ringz'. Javas tend to create words in the english language on the fly, and never make sense. The concept of font size, spelling, and basic self-control are lost to Java Guests. It is important to remember to never say hi to one for then they start focusing on you, after their real goal: cyber sex. If you did make a mistake and contect one, you can not ignore them, this will cause them to start flooding for no reason. Your only choice is to /ignore.
*Guest2345 has joined#mIRC
Guest2345> hey sup all
Guest2345> sup
Guest2345> marlitof ssdv
britney> hey
Guest2345> hey wuts up
Guest2345> wanna cybersd
britney> No :/
Guest2345> sajksdav
Guest2345> sdda
Guest2345> dfggdtre544545er
Guest2345> sder3433324ewewd
*Guest2345 has QUIT ( Quit )
@ace> Wtf was that?
by markFBI March 25, 2005
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