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Polish for the American name "Jane"

short term name for marijuana...people who smoke pot often love Jane's

the name of the most beautiful woman in the world, other woman were so jelous of Jane's that they made up a term for Jane's calling them plain because it rhymed and made them feel better about themselves cause they were not names jane and they are ugly.

janes are always the girls with the sense of humor in any group

jane's can also be that girl that had a crush on you in high school but you never dated, then she shows up at the reunion lookin all hot and successfull, then you kick your self in the ass for not being nicer to her because now she is hot and wont give you the time of day.

jane's are better then everyone, and are usually associated with class and wealth and beauty

the hot girl next door that you grew up next too is always named, or should always be named jane
guy: "that jane aint no plain"

girl: "dammit i wish my name was Jasea."

dude: "hey man light the jane and pass it"

other dude: "man do i love smokin the Jasea"
by thatsallme January 05, 2014
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