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Some one who is not Japanese and that is obsessed with being Japanese in a retarded way. They shout two or three Japanese words in their sentences thinking they are cool, They write Japanese words on thier websites, and are infatuated with anime. Some claim part Japanese when they dont even look like it and try too hard too hard to be "asian".
example 1:
They are watching Naruto

Japanotard: Oh my god, the dubbing is so bad. They say the names soooo wrong!

Normal person: Well, tell me how you say it, and then compare it to how they say it.

Japanotard: Well, they say it "Naruhdoh", I say it "Naruhdoh"

Normal person: Hmm...oh yeah, that was totally different (sarcasm)

example 2:
Amine fan girl: OMG!!! that is sooo KAWAII!! I love it!
by softXcore July 18, 2006
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