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AKA the "Cherry topped sundae", the Japanese flag routine involves a female partner forcing a male partner to lay on his back and jerk off until he cums hard enough to have the resulting ejaculate land on his face, at which point the female proceeds to squat above his head and glop a huge smear of period blood on top, creating, in effect, the appearance of a "cherry topped sundae" or Japanese flag.
This practice was first noted in Japan in the early 2000s, but has become increasingly popular throughout the world with the spread of similar male-oriented practices like the Cleavland Steamer, Donkey Punch, Blumpkin, and Chili Dog. In fact, women world wide seem to have come to the realization that there is an increasingly large need for sexual practices that are specifically degrading and humiliating for men, and that can be laughed about by women everywhere for decades to come.
When Holly had enough of Leroy's constant whining for blumpkins, she waited until her period was flowing at maximum throttle, and proceeded to give him the nastiest Japanese flag routine of his entire life.
by FallsGirlTheNextGeneration April 13, 2009
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