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Japanaphobic refers to those that are hateful or fearful of someone that enjoys Japanese culture, or parts of it. People that are Japanaphobic often mistake these people as "Weeaboos". This is important to note because a Weeaboo is a person who wants to be Japanese, and will often become overwhelmed with Japanese culture, or parts of it.
Wow! You are very Japanaphobic! You know that a Weeaboo is someone who wants to be Japanese, right?

"Hey John, You should totally check out this anime. It's really awesome!" said Steve.
"No fucking way, I will not watch that weird ass Japanese shit. You are such a fucking Weeaboo." John said.
"No need to be so Japanaphobic man..." said Steve.

"This Sushi place downtown is so amazing, you should really come try it with me sometime!" said Ryan.
"There is no way I will be eating that shit man! Those fuckers eat raw fish! The savages are so disgusting!" said Brian.
"Jesus Christ, I never knew you were so Japanaphobic." said Ryan.
by NightcoreFan11 May 25, 2016
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