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1. To steal something at a store for absolutly no reason, such as antibacterial soap or little children's toys.

2. To be a horribly depressed person that listens to nothing but Emo music and can be found slitting his wrists at any moment of the day.

3. To do something so stupid that it makes people wonder if you might be legally retarded.

4. To take as much time as you possibly can for something that should only take a couple seconds.

5. To suck Slovakian cock.
1. Did you really just steal that? Quit bein such a Jantsch.

2. That guy is so depressed that he's turning into a Jantsch.

3. What in the hell were you thinking? You just pulled a Jantsch.

4. If you had taken any longer I'd start callin you a Jantsch.

5. I saw you go into that room with that Slovakian guy Jantsch.
by Sam and Andy August 13, 2007
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