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Janset is a Caucasian girls name, meaning Princess mainly used in Cherkess today. Janset takes all pride from her meaning, princess....very rare to find and maintains a growing mysterious flair. Not many people today can even near the personality and maturity Janset sustains. Not to mention humour is one of her delights. Often Janset has something that differs her from out the rest, this may be talent in Art, Drama, Music. For example Janset Paçal (Munich, Germany) plays great role in the acting world. Moral of the story, if you come across a Janset in your life, consider yourself lucky, not because you made a mark in her life, but because she made one in yours....
"I've never met a girl as Janset as her!"

"She is so Janset, I just want her to be my Jansetty!"

"She is so Janset, I can have her as a Set-of-Jan in my sandwich"
by Nicoolas121 May 27, 2014
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