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Began by Sean B. from Orlando, FL. When an audience hears a clever word or expression, they proceeds to use it in their daily vocabulary as if they had come up with the term on their own. It was created specifically for this reason, and was spread with the intention of catching on in hopes that it would always to accredited to SB. Since its creation, SB has heard it been used and not been given credit for its origin, which is exactly the reason he began the expression in the first place. When someone steals a word or expression that you use uniquely, you may accuse them by saying, "You're janking my steez."
man 1: "dude, that sandwich was the tits"
man 2: "you know I started saying that way before you, right?"
man 1: "You're so full of it, dude. I've been saying that for years"
man 2: "Are you serious?!?!?! You're janking my steez"
by Bullet SB December 16, 2009
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