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Janiesa is pretty asf. Loyal as can be and will knock a bitch out if necessary. Wants a family and wants kids. She is also cool asf. She is a sexy beast and she gets along with many people expecaly men. She is an exreamly funny person with a rare personality. There are times when Janiesa can be a bitch. When her mind is made up it is very hard to change but if you are a boyfriend/husband you have it a lot easier than most people. Janiesas love snow flakes and loves the color blue. She loves to party and is smarter than you think. The lane thing she wants is love. Love to her is the best thing in the world. She keeps it 110at all times. She is a crazy person with a crazy family. She succeeds with many things. She expects to be respected. Very mature and wants to feel like she's worth it.If you meet a Janiesa don't loose her you will regret it. Meeting a Janiesa is a blessing.
So fellas if your meet a Janiesa take care of her and don't let her go. If you don't she will love you more than anything. Don't take advantage of her and don't be harsh. If you find a Janiesa and you both are in love consider yourself very lucky. I mean it. Love a Janiesa
I love you Janiesa.
You are the best Janiesa.
My baby Janiesa.
by Thelitchickbitch April 24, 2018
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