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This is a woman or girl that is wonder full and do whatever she wants and why she wants it. She has really amazing friends and she will trust the friends she is close to. She will do her best in school or her job. She is truthful smart pretty funny and honest. She will never lie to you unless she really hates you. And if someone pisses her off she will hit you. If you get in her bad side she will fuck you up. She might not seem like it but she will. When she gets in a relationship she will put her all into it unless you break her heart if you do you will go trough hell. If your her friend she will love you and if someone hurts you she will hurt them. She will always put her family first. She doesn't give a fuck if someone doesn't like her. They can go suck a dick and die for all she cares.
Janeva Parris the nicest person I know

Janeva Parris so smart.
by Nevagavafuq May 15, 2018
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