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1. See Sasquatch

2. Quite possibly the ugliest woman that ever lived. Resembles Bill Gates. He was Bill Clinton's right hand man during the Waco Massacre investigation.
Janet Reno is one hellava ugly woman.
by Montenez McBurgers November 21, 2007
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Chief instigator of the Waco Texas Massacre. Bill Clinton's right-hand man during the Communist Clinton regime of the 1990's. She was a major threat to every one's individual freedoms during her reign of terror.
The twelve gorgons entered the dark cave seeking to slay the Reno-cerous, but none survived, as they were all turned to stone.
by Aribeth April 12, 2005
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A non-homosexual way for two or more men to say 'I love you.' Used especially in a bromance.
J-"Alright man, I will see you later."
N- "Okay. Janet Reno!"
J- "Janet Reno."
by Affen Ficker June 03, 2009
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1. to take something by force see bogart. Refers to J.R.'s involvement in the WACO texas incident involving the branch dividian
2. To take control of something and do it poorly
1. I'm bout to janet-reno that blunt from them jr. high school kidz. He was trying to make it a boss fight, but I janet-renoed his ass.
2. Some boss bitch tried to janet-reno the conversation, but thehat brought some sense back in to it.
by slide rule April 10, 2008
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