Band formed in L.A. in the 80s consisting of Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Eric Avery. Perry's band before this was Psi Com. A great band that redefined the rock genre. Their biggest hits were Been Caught Stealing (which they won an award at the MTV VMAs) and Jane Says. Flea from RHCP played for them in one of their reunion albums, Kettle Whistle, and Chris Chaney was their new bassist on Strays. All members have done their own projects aside from Jane's Addiction which are all good. A band not to be overlooked in any way. The name comes from Perry Farrell's old roommate Jane Bainter who had a bad heroin addiction and it became the name of their band. Other influences include girlfriends Casey Niccoli and Xiola Bleu and, of course, many other things in Perry's life. A great band, the best I know.
I have an addiction to Jane's Addiction. Please don't send me to rehab. I love it. Jane Says...
by Enzo Ferrelli September 30, 2005
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an awesome band from late 80s and still playing their best song is jane says they are rock folk jazz and metal
jane says im done with sergio he treats me like a ragdoll
by rhcpjanes October 29, 2003
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a mad snake band that still have some of the best songs around today janes kick ass
been caught stealing once when i was five
by serge January 17, 2005
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