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Jammin' My Oscar means pretty much anything. It's the cowbell of of things that you're doing. It's basically the new "not much/nm u?"

Can also be "Jammin' the oscar"
Which ever you find flows better.

Can replace "Just my Opnion"
1: Hey dude, whats up?

2a: Just jammin' my oscar, wbu?/

b: Not much man, JMO/

c: JTO, wbu?


1: Dude I had the best night last night. She went on webcam for me while I was jammin my oscar for her.


1: Hey babe, whats up? ;)

2: Not much, jus jammin the oscar you know. (Could mean masturbating, or just hangin out.)


1: Listen dude, just JTO, but I think you smoke too much weed.

2: Listen dude, I appreciate your jammed oscar, but stfu.
by BUTTONMASHER411 November 24, 2011
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