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A super gorgeous and lovely guy who will pull at your heart strings from the moment you meet. He is unforgettable, irreplaceable and incomparable. Descending from a mixed European background, he has inherited all the irresistible features from that lineage and of course is the most stunning person you will ever lay eyes on. His beautiful smile and brown expressive eyes will dazzle you to happiness and take you to an entirely new dimension! His charismatic personality and sincere nature will make you fall in love with him instantly. But the more you get to know him, you will find that there is no one else who can come close to the jewel that he is. He would go out of his way for his family, friends and for the ones he loves and is very protective when someone tries to hurt them. He is loved by everyone, including one person who loves him more than he will know. He is very popular with the ladies and men love him too because he's just so easy to get along with. the most interesting person in world and is a genius beyond words. He just knows everything there is to know, but he is very modest and humble with the wisdom that he holds. He is addictive, and will never leave your thoughts, you will always want to be in his company because he just lifts your spirits high. His laughter will lift you out of sadness and his hug will keep you feeling safe and loved! An amazing guy you'll never ever forget... this life time and your next.
Lady Luck 1: i wish i could muster up the courage to talk to James Fernandez! It drives me insane!
Lady Lucky 2: come on lady luck 1, pick up you socks and find that nile within you and go say hi... he's a lovely chap - he's not gonna bite.
by I< May 29, 2010
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