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Everyone has a friend named James, known for laziness and exerting minimal effort in every possible capacity. A 'James Day' is when one does absolutely nothing of worth all day. In comparison to a duvet day, a 'James Day' is not initiated by a need to stay in bed nor a hangover, but rather general laziness. 'James Days' are characterised by sprawling oneself over a sofa, in a seedily inappropriate clothing which often fails to cover the parts of the body e.g. the beer belly, that you'd rather not see, whilst partaking in activities highly irrelevant to the furthering of one's life.
"Think I'm gonna have a James day today...feel like doing absolutely nothing all day"

"Had a James day today, highlights were a wank, a fried egg and trolling YouTube"

"She's so highly strung, do you think she could even manage a James day?"
by jmanldn91 March 07, 2014
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