A pretty chill place in Vienna, puts way to much money into their band and has got a kick ass crew program.
"hey where do you go to school?"

"James Madison high school"

"fuck you"
by heyey123 January 15, 2012
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A high school in Madison, WI. It's full of mostly lame and pretentious white kids who barely talk and think they're better than everyone else. You have the basic bitches there who wear their ugg boots and infinity scarves, the jocks who wear sports gear all of the time, the wannabe art kids who don't have any artistic ability to them, the ratchet girls with bad edges, and then you have the wannabe thugs who are nothing but fuckboys.
"I'm going to a James Madison memorial high school party bro! Come thru!"

"Fuck that! They're lame as hell!"
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