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A Highschool directly in the heart of Salisbury Maryland about a mile from Salisbury University. Most kids who attend are bred to be syrup sippin pill poppin animals that usually say "Fuck school we got a party to go to after this bullshit". Usually every kid ends up into clans of bros that rock visors and do lines of blow off their desks while the teachers arent looking. Then after a good nose stuffing they will leave class 15 minutes early to head out for some eveing drinks at the local bars. Their partys on the weekends leave houses broken and empy since the Salisbury scum always steal shit just to steal. If no one from Bennett is throwing a party over the weekend then there is always the SU party alternitive. Oh and the cops in Salisbury will hand out sitations like peices of gum and take all of your drugs and have a police force soup kitchen(gathering to use drugs) afterwards.
Freshman: "Dude holy shit these James M Bennett High School floors at this school make your bookbag white on the bottom"

Freshman2: "dont rub it off i cant feel my fingers wtf is this shit!"
by karmasutradatbroad123 March 06, 2012
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