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Singer/Songwriter from London, Uk, Currently residing in Sarasota, Florida. Has a mesmerizing singing voice and plays primarily Inide/Folk Rock music. Hyde is also the bass player for National act Hangman Jury sharing the stage with Bands such as Motley Crue, Godsmack, and many others. A truly special and captivating person.
That is the most beautiful male I have ever seen in my entire life, he is such a James Hyde.
by DanielleNova August 16, 2010
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JAMES HYDE \james,-hide\ name: 1 : thinks out-loud 2 : influence, the act or power of producing an effect without apparent force or direct authority 3 : authority the power to influence thought or behavior 4 : selfdefense the act of defending one-self one's property, or a close relative 5 : rebel, one that rebels against authority.
JAMES HYDE thinks out lou: JAMES HYDE talks before thinking. power ( should i say more) Authority: You play games, you play them by JAMES HYDE rules, or don't play them at all!! selfdefense: blood is blood, family is family, property is property. Rebel JAMES HYDE Favorite movie. "REBEL WITH OUT A CAUSE"
by T.J TYBEERIOUS February 03, 2010
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