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Jameisha n.- a girl, introverted by appearance but deceivingly leads a life that pops with deeper meaning than she will ever lead you to believe. This it attested to the quiet and somber nature she maintains while also upholding a spunky persona. The true, living and breathing, never judge a book by it's cover, one is considered lucky if they make it to her page one. Young at heart and old in the mind is an understatement; maintaining a sense of innocence that beautifully contrasts with her rich understanding of things most cannot grasp. Her mind is remarkably unique and arguably her best feature, though it is hard to chose. One can never truly comprehend its expansion as it continuously boggles and amazes select authors of said definitions. All-in-all is not a fit closing as Jameisha, at the sole, is a resemblance of infinite solution.
Wow is all I have to say; she must be a Jameisha
by 😜😜😜😜 February 24, 2015
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