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A drinking game consisting of two teams of 5 players, 5 fiddle tunes(decided before the game) and 10 beers. Taking a hallway or a road, the two teams go to opposite ends with their instruments and a beer for each team member (5 beers on each side). When the game begins, one team member from each team must run to the other end of the hallway/road and chug one beer while being poked, yelled at etc... by the other team. When the player is done chugging they must run back. Once they return the whole team may begin playing their first song. The song must be recognizable and must be played the whole way trough, but can be played as fast as the players choose. Once the song is finished the next team member may run to the other side and chug their beer and so on until all the beer has been chugged and all the songs have been played. The first team to finish wins.
"Do you know if they are playing jambeerelay on the 8th floor tonight?"
by jam drink & run March 11, 2011
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