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β€œDid you bang that bird you pulled last night?” β€œNah mate, she was in the Jam shed so I just got a blozza and gave her a cream tea”
by Dirk shufflebum February 07, 2020
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He is the most perfect and sweetest man alive. He is 100% boyfriend material, and any person would be lucky to go out with a Jamshed.
Oh my god, are you a Jamshed!? You must have a massive di*k.
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by dxnixl January 19, 2021
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Where you go to jam one out when all lockable, internal rooms are occupied. Could be represented by any manner of small, outdoor structures such as; garden sheds, detached garages and tool sheds.
"Damnit, Pedro has been in the bathroom for 45 minutes and there's no sign of him coming out soon, looks like it's the jamshed for me if I want any immediate gratification."
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by DataBro2 August 20, 2020
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