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The title of the 1983 song by Johnny Dynell later used by Norman Cook and Beats International as well as many others to
describe something cool usually in reference to music.
This beat is Jam Hot.
by Tony Top October 09, 2009
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A phrase used to describe things that are exceedingly cool. Used by Noel Fielding in Nevermind the Buzzcocks to describe his team, as well as the band Beats International.
Our team is jam hot.
by Twigguz December 30, 2007
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A phrase used by DJ MistaJam on the radio station 1Xtra to describe a quality tune.
This tune is jam hot!
by sky2sb December 09, 2008
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The moment you come across a Jamhot, the first thing that comes to your mind is his/her friendly nature. He is what he seems to be. Qualities like subtlety, diplomacy or modesty just don't gel with a Jamhot named person. A Jamhot can be calm, wise and serious, but not before he has gone past youth. Frankness, lack of stability, fear of physical pain, optimism and impulsiveness are some of the basic Jamhot characteristics. One of the warmest and the most generous people, Jamhots always prefer fame to money. Gossip does not interest a Jamhot and for him, people are either black or white, without any shades of grey. There is one thing an Jamhot can never fall short of, conversation. He can speak about anything & everything under the sun. He lives in the present and is a realist, yet believes in miracles. Jamhots chase success, not waiting for it to fall in their lap, and don't accept defeat. Failure can never keep them down.Most of the Jamhot people are involved in business or creative arts or are involved in planning and organization. If a Jamhot does something for you, don't forget to express your gratitude. Otherwise, he will be deeply hurt. However, that would not stop him from helping again. Jamhots usually stick to their opinion and won't listen to anything they do not believe. They have a contemplative side to their personality. The simplicity is blended with the blind passion of a born crusader. Jamhots are mentally strong and always one of the pioneers.
Jamhot - EntropiaUniverse - Real Life - Everywhere - The Entertainer
by EveryoneLovesJam February 09, 2010
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