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Many have argued wether it is a learned behaviour or some sort of genetic quirk but either way it is a very wide spread in our current generation.

Jakobi syndrome is defined by it wild hand gestures often making shapes while descirbing or asking for something but these shapes or hand signs often have little bearing on what they are actually asking for and happen frequently.
this disease/behaviour was first investigated by Inns et al (2010) and studies are still ongoing to this day.

Jakobi syndrome was named after the leading singer of papa roach Jakobi as he is the most famous Jakobi sufferer and has opened many charities for this plight.
yeah the date was going well but every time he asked for a drink at the bar he would make a triangle with his hands and when he asked me for a tissue he pointed at his eyes and the to the floor..." "oohh he must have jakobi syndrome... poor guy
by Silly McFantastic February 02, 2011
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