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A special brand of charisma characterized by spoken sexual interest, heavy comedy, overwhelming sexual innuendo, and an infallible ability to pick from a group of women the one who is most susceptible to this form of seduction.

Most often, Jakeisma is not noticeable from within its throes, merely afterward. This is due to the continuous laughter and heightened sexual interest in the female. In the male, it is most often because he is checking out her friend, too.

Both parties, usually after sex or upon waking in the morning, find themselves somewhat puzzled as to how they either managed to pull that shit off, or why they were so attracted to such a prick bastard.

Male witnesses to Jakeisma in its practice oftentimes find themselves sending text messages to their friends espousing what a bastard this guy is, or shaking their heads and taking notes.

Females who witness Jakeisma in action, when asked, report they oftentimes find themselves wondering when it will be their turn.
"You have got a way with strippers, Jake. Hell, just with women, really." - Witness of Jakeisma in action in a strip club.

"You're the only guy I've ever been jealous of but not hated, Jake. It's like charisma, but not quite. I'll call it Jakeisma." - Anonymous friend giving name to the phenomenon.

"I don't know why I like you, I just do, Jake. When can I see you again?" Woman after falling prey to Jakeisma.
by Jacob Houpt May 08, 2008
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