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Jake Walsh is an exemplary, mischievous, incredibly rich and inexplicably talented boy, who has been given the grace of God to show his affluence over his peers and superiors so elegantly. Jake is far beyond talented that he has ruined the careers and lives of men that have tried to achieve greatness over years of training and passion since their birth and can not achieve greatness far past their boy hood. who can anger you to the point of murderous intentions yet express talents and abilities which captivate and woo you into oblivion and ultimate solitude, (whiskey to... Vodka...)....
Jake is a boy who is given everything but has nothing. His emotions have been covered with money and pampering. But alas... His feet so white and wide and beautiful. So wide that they can cover the biggest straight man's face and make him a gay man in love of feet and the bottom... Jake Walsh's penis is 16 inches. A penis that can feel so deeply like OG Mudbone. And when he pulls out of your asshole as watches it gape. All he can do is stretch his face in pleasure agony as his cum rises from the bottom of his balls to the front of his shaft. You stare down the tip of the penis in which you sucked and hosted and accepted the torrent of fertile male dominance that will dominate your face. Jake. I love you. I hate you. And I always will.
Oh hey Jake Walsh here, the party can begin and the people who lust for him can hide away and die :)
by Theboywhodied July 24, 2017
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