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(Jane-Bit-che)- in this case we use Jainbitch as a synonym for Sociopathy. A Jainbitch describes any girl who is a complete Sociopath. One that makes outlandish lies that are 100% absurd, and gets mad when you call their lie. They must win, at all cost, even if they have to fuck people over to do so. They are cold and emotionless and have no regard for anyone other than themselves. They play sick cruel jokes on people for amusement. And they are pathological liars. A Jainbitch is that crazy bitch every man dates once in their life.
Dude1: Dude my ex won't leave me alone! She says her boyfriend murdered 12 hookers then beat her!
Dude2: Dude she's full of shit!
Dude1: She got hella pissed at me when I called her out to! She's a total Jainbitch!
by Sociopath slayer October 20, 2013
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