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Eng. :{Jah-_MEe_.BEe};
(noun.) a well defined female whose energy and aura are extraordinarily divine.

Also: (adverb.) a divine expression of life. Upon encountering or being in the presence of one, Jaime B, a room which was once full of darkness, sadness, evil, sorrow and pain INSTANTLY becomes illuminated with lovingkindness, harmony, light, goodness and angelic peace.
(adjective.) cute, outgoing, friendly and genuine: and for many, the sunshine which makes their day warm as puppies.
(pronoun.) any variation of a keychain; one which will hold a keychain because it holds the most important instruments, apparratus, impliments, tools, weapons, keys, pipsqueaks, babaganushes, condoms etc.
That Jaime B sure can move a crowd, just by walking into the room!
by BigBoyce March 08, 2012
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