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For one of the smartest girls you'll ever meet it's amazing how stupid some of the things she says can be. She has an amazing heart not able to say anything mean even when its deserved. She has no idea how amazing she is and wouldn't believe you if you told her. She is one of a kind. A natural beauty with dark flowing hair and chocolate eyes that will hold the truth. A truly precious girl loved by all. With the best intentions despite the three day wait you will endure when expecting a reply to a unfound text. She has a special sense of humour and you just have to laugh even if only at her outstanding clumsiness! With so much potential i cant wait 2 see how she will make this world a better place in a way only she could.
example 1: person 1: oh my gosh! I just saw a girl trip up a hill, fall backwards into an icecream truck roll down the hill get thrown from the van only 2 land on a savage pig n be carried half way across china where she slipped off into a pit of she she tried 2 pull herself out she accidently put her hand in a frypan. Pulling it away in pain she lunged from the pit n landed on 80 rusty nails. person 2: wow. Unlucky! Who was this girl?! person 1: i think her name was jahnella. person 2: oh that explains everything. Example 2: Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Dr Seus and she's curing cancer! Watch out AIDS your next!
by agentmax January 01, 2011
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