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JaguarJ0nes is currently the president of YouTube and the head of prestigious JaguarJ0nes Institute.

One of the greatest enlightenment that has ever shined on YouTube, JaguarJ0nes received many followers (okay, subscribers) that was inspired and/or received vast knowledge about:

-Pwing a Young Earth Creationist (Or YEC)

-Reasons why pangolin should be frowned upon.

-Sounds and tastes of each different colors (which was extensively researched by the JaguarJ0nes Institute).

-And bringing joy and gay side of being an atheist heathen.

In addition, he would take time out of his bubble bath occasionally to invite people to share their inquiry through comment section so that he may disclose them with witty cognition.

He also has collections of kickass demotivational posters which surely is awesome.
Bill: I'm having a hard time trying to have a reasonable debate with Young Earth Creationist, but I dunno how!

Sally: That's okay, with the help of JaguarJ0nes and the JaguarJ0nes Institute, you'll be able to gain enough knowledge to stump Young Earth Creationist!

Bill: Cool! Thanks JaguarJ0nes!
by Nicko DaVinci May 05, 2009
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