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A Jaenus belongs to the Korean Deity Kim Jaejoong (lead singer of top Asian group TVXQ who crash landed on Earth from his home planet, also named Jaenus, after hearing the call of Yundick).

A Jaenus is a deep never ending cavern similar to that of a Limestone cave. The Jaenus has moist pink walls and exudes a strawberry essence. Jaenus is known for being inhabited nearly 24/7 by none other than Yundick aka Anaconda Wang.

A Jaenus is the 8th World Wonder, known for its oxymoronic qualities, such as being a wide expanse that one can crawl into, yet being very tight and "form fitting" at the same time.

A Jaenus also enjoys being filled with various objects, from Anacondas to spiders to the infamous mystery "jellies".
"Wow, the Jaenus is quite pliant today." "Yeah, I think Yundick just finished with it."

"The Jaenus is responding to the call of Yundick. Look at it clench!"
by JJLuver33 October 14, 2011
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