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The most beautiful girl known to man with big boobs and a fetish for the penis and vagina :')
jadeymoo's can be so gay sometimes its unreal but everyone knows that if the penis did not exist, a jadeymoo would be incapable of living her daily life.
A jadeymoo generally has blue eyes, is a midget, although a giant to a izzyboo, but is still a midget.
she is not afraid to do anything in life.
A jadeymoo also has a fetish for toast :'3
the other day, i was making my toast, and i put it in the toaster, and i went to watch tv, and i heard the toaster pop, and i walked to the kitchen, to see the window open and my toast msising. it had to be the jadeymoo again.
by <3IZZYBOO<3 April 03, 2011
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