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Jadayahs are usually petite girls who look like they are no older than 12 they are very hyper and have no restraints they will not think twice to embarrass you in public and can be extremely annoying at times. They usually have a hard time paying attention and hear nobody else but themselves. They think very highly of themselves and think the world revolves around them. On the bright side they are very beautiful and majestic looking creatures and great jokesters they are usually up for anything. They are very fun to be around most days.
"How do you pronounce it? Juadahs?" " No, It's JAH-DAY-YAH." "Wow umm okay cool--Jadayah, such a unique name."

Hey Jadayah if we go to the movies you are not going to give everyone live commentary again are you?

Ooh Jadayahs petty boujee ass gonna be there? Omg. Ugh let's just go...
by gossipg April 14, 2017
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A beautiful girl with a heart of gold and won't take anything from anyone, sticking for what's right and the style of a fashion god.
by Real name meanings July 16, 2017
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