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To define the word 'Jacq-lyn' could take many years.

She is very amazing

Jacq-lyn can make you laugh when ever you are feeling
sad or if you just feel like laughing

If you know her
you love her with all your heart. No matter what

She is very silly and also very funny.

Jacq-lyn is the friggen sex

She is 900%

Jacq-lyn can fucking make you gasm in less than 2 seconds. By looking at you.

She doesn't have to work for money. She just gets it.

Jacq-lyn is smarter than you. and she's pretty dumb. But still smarter than you.

When jacq-lyn wakes up in the morning the sun rises. On Both sides of the world.

You wish you were Jacq-lyn.

Jacq-lyn can get an elephant to fall in love with a mouse. She can also make the elephant just fall. On it's face.

You're ugly, Jacq-lyn is not.

Jacq-lyn is uber boss at rolling mighty big spliffs

Jacq-lyn pwns. Massavely.

Jacq-lyn has X-ray vision, and when she went on stage her mom told her to pretend everyone was in their underwear. Then they were.

Jacq-lyn is perdy and shorter than most other people

She likes to throw food

When monkey's throw bananas at jacq-lyn she throws bolders at them. Yes, bolders.

Jacq-lyn is one of a kind, meaning since she is awesome, you can't be. therefor you suck. good day.

If you looked at jacq-lyn wrong, your face would dissolve - twice.
by blamboeh August 15, 2008
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A woman who’s beauty cannot be compared to anyone or anything.

A woman so beautiful, if you’re look upon her face, you will immediately fall in love and all others will be compared to her beauty.

Beautiful, smart, witty and all around amazing.
She is the only Jacqlyn.
by Lena P June 12, 2018
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