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aka Jacob Lohr is a Business Owner/Actor/Rapper/Fragrance and Clothing designer who is considered by many as the best white battle rapper ever next to Eminem. He emerges from Ozark,Mo and Tulsa, Ok. He's scored points by staying true to his race and own clothing style and slang. He gained a major popularity in the North Side Tulsa Projects as he became a regular on the hip-hop battle scene and earned his respect in the streets for being honest and creative to make himself accepted in the Urban Black community. His material is clearly never pre-written and his ability to remember word for word what his opponents say about him became a known part of his skill. The Tulsa Hip Hop Shop is always packed when he is scheduled to battle against rival emcees. People come just to hear his flow and hardcore lines. Jacob is the best friend of Actor, Rapper, Model Sam Sarpong. Jacob is going to be working in 6 up and comming films. As of November 1,2010 he has started work with his group the Mid West Boyz on their debut album wich has appearances from Nick Cannon, Nappy Roots, Field Mob, Marcus., ciara, and tech 9 to name a few. When completed they will set off on a national tour to promote the Album. Jacob owns his own indie label with distribution through Nick Cannons label.
" I never gave a fuck what black America thought of me. I just wanted to rap. My mentality is like this...I am harder than you and I have been through more than you. You're not going to get the best of me, yet alone beat me" Jacob The Prophet on his career and battles
by HipHopRadioNYC November 26, 2010
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