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1. American heavy metal band

Jackyl is an American heavy metal band that got recognition when it released its self-titled debut album in 1992. The album sold more than a million copies to be certified platinum by the RIAA.

Jackyl's most popular songs are:
"Kill the Sunshine"
"Down on Me"
"I Stand Alone"
and notoriously "Lumberjack" and all other tracks
Perosn A: Hey man, what'cha listening to?

Jackyl fan: Jackyl

Person A: can I hear some?

Jackyl fan: sure

Person A: Are they using a chainsaw?

Jackyl fan: yes, tonight I'm gonna go see them
by Sleez Boy March 11, 2009
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the Man equivelent to a "Cougar"! Older Men who flock around bars preying on younger women! typically found in Strip Clubs, Bikini Bars or Clubs.
an old guy walks in a bikini bar. he immediately walks up to the young bartender and tries to put the moves on her. the dude doesn't realize he is 3 times her age and she just wants his cash. the jackyl is gonna get play by her.
by the Wookster January 16, 2008
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